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This collection of poetry is an extension of my article originally published by the Medium in 2020,

detailing the struggles, broken relationships, & the journey of self-actualization for the biracial womxn 

in several volumes.*  


   For Those Who Are In Between


Volume I · · · · · · · · · coloured in my perspective.

The Womb


Darkness surrounds

her warm body

as it vibrates with the rhythm

of a mother’s heartbeat

that is everything she has

ever wanted in the world

She cradles her new love

In her womb

color unseen.

The Inquisition


What are you?

A constant question on the tongues of ignorance,

left unanswered.

Good Hair


I met her in the dreams I had

for myself

I see her in every ad and film

starring the biracial girl

whose mixed heritage grows from her


whose reflection I see in the mirror

counters the image starring back at me,

forever the supporting role in my life


Scratching at my head in silent tears

what is this hair I pull from my bleeding scalp

fit for no ethnicity

hiding my true identity

It is my legacy

to never be "good" enough.

For Girls Who Told Me


For those girls who told me

“oh, now you want to be black”

as the scolds of eyes fold

on my lightly toasted skin

An ever-changing pigment

to conceal the mixture of spirits

amongst company

I must admit

just because it doesn’t look like the fire

runs deep

doesn’t mean I don’t

burn forests


Nonexistent in the world of stereotypes,

Judged from the lips of categories,

Cautious on the heels of politics,

An anomaly in the sea of definitions

For those girls who told me that political correctness

is my perfume: take a breath

of my natural scent.

* These volumes are apart of a larger collection intended for publication. For more information, connect!
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