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WINNER -- Slamdance Mentorship Award and Featured in Variety!

QUARTERFINALIST -- Slamdance Screenplay Competition 2022, The Wanderer

QUARTERFINALIST -- Screen Craft Film Fund, American Retail

BEST ACTRESS -- Philadelphia Independent Film Festival 2019, Butterflies


BEST SHORT FILM -- Philadelphia Independent Film Festival 2019, Butterflies


SEMI FINALIST BEST SCREENPLAY -- Big Apple Film Festival 2019 , Truth, Incorporated


BEST SCREENPLAY (written by) -- Kew Garden's Film Festival 2018, Butterflies

Press Highlights (Acting)

"Ms. Summers's portrayal of the teenage Melanie ~ a distraught and forlorn figure navigating as though among a sea of predators ~ is mesmerizing. Her face is a roadmap of her emotions, her dark eyes windows into the depths of her pain..."  -- Broadway World 

"Summers' imbues her character with authenticity and passion" -- Broadway World


"Summers delivers a damn fine performance and quakes with emotion and energy..."  -- Film Threat

"Everything about Butterflies, from Summer’s authentic performance, its visual presentation, music, and story structures, works together to tell a compelling and visually stunning story." -- Film Threat

Butterflies writer and star Carlotta Summers addresses bullying, empowerment -- Star Democrat

"Lead actress gives an honest and brave performance." -- IMDb Review

Press Highlights (Writing)


FEATURE FILM (Written By):

(Quarterfinalist Screen Craft Film Fund 2023)

“This is a really good, bold, well-written, informative and important script. We learn a lot about a horrible industry from both what we see and hear, and it is a welcome tale, amidst the #MeToo revelations. We have seen a lot of pieces about sexual abuse in the entertainment industry among high powered people, but this masterfully sheds light on how it occurs to people we see every day and might not even notice. Not only do we learn how they are exploited sexually, but also financially. The writing is smart, bold, slick and fresh. The content and style are both really good.”

-- Slamdance Review 2021

"This script slings a shocking BOMBSHELL-style wrecking ball…Rife with cynical yet spot-on social commentary and an engaging emotional through-line, this script delivers a lasting impact that will echo beyond its final pages."

-- The BlackList Evaluation, 2021

"Attractive roles abound, from a talent perspective, and while it may feel more at home in the independent crossover arena, it feels as if there is a market for this story and a need for it to be told.” 

-- The BlackList Evaluation, 2021



(Quarterfinalist for Slamdance 2022)

“An engaging and compelling read from page one, The Wanderer is full of themes that resonate including overcoming racism, legacy, [and] finding one’s true-self…making it very timely.”

--Slamdance Review 2022

“…just poetic…once again I am just left with chills…”

--Slamdance Review 2022

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Interviews / Red Carpet

Screen Shot 2022-10-16 at 11.07.15 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-10-16 at 11.07.15 AM.png

NFMLA Stage 5 Interview presented by Moviemaker Magazine

SIFF Red Carpet - Butterflies Interview with Behind The Rabbit Productions

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