Carlotta Summers is an award winning Actress, Writer, and Filmmaker currently living in NYC. A graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, a few of her film and television credits include the role of Saltire in Choice Film’s "Big Dogs,” & Supporting Role in "Lupe," which premiered at the Cinequest Film Festival in 2019.


The CEO of her own production company Wild Cat Film, Carlotta’s first short film Butterflies won Best Short Film and Best Actress for a short film at its World Premiere at the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival as well as Best Screenplay at Kew Gardens Festival of Cinema. You can currently watch it on Amazon Prime!


Carlotta is also the Associate Producer for the short film, Ponyboi Co-Produced by Stephen Fry & Emma Thompson, which made its New York Premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2019.


As a filmmaker and actor, Carlotta has also received critical acclaim from major online publications including Broadway World, Film Threat, and the Star Democrat.

Currently, Carlotta’s second short film screenplay, Truth Incorporated, is a Semi-Finalist in the Big Apple Film Festival 2019 winter edition. The film has also gone on to win Best Thriller Film for Indie Shorts Awards!

She recently made her short film directorial debut with Eigengrau, a

Sci-Fi film made entirely in isolation of 2020.


Carlotta’s goal is to continue to advance the work of minority filmmakers in the industry while paving the way for representation on the screen. She is a member of NYWIFT and IFP.

What inspired you to act?


As a child I grew up watching film noir and classic movies. I've always been fascinated by the femme fatale since the age of 9. Fast forward to my obsession with Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the t.v. show). And that's when I finally realized, that this is what I wanted to do: slay vampires. 

Who is your favorite actor?


I've really gotten into Killing Eve, so I would have to say Jodie Comer. She brings such a nuanced performance to the role that draws you in. 

I also love the versatility of Naomie Harris. From a kick ass on Skyfall to an emotionally charged Moonlight, girl kills it!


Charlize Theron and Gal Godot are cool too.

They are not only bad-asses but they can play a wide range of roles & are chameleons on the screen.


Also... Sarah Michelle Gellar duh...


Annnd…I have a girl crush on Zoe Kravits. Shhh….don’t tell her.

What is your favorite TV Series?

I watch so much TV and Film! My favorite shows and/or films tend to chance consistently, but for now...

I love Watchmen, it is a must see, relevant, well crafted show.


Mindhunter is also very good, I'm very much into psychological thrillers and mysteries.

And David Fincher, how could you not watch this!

Please, please start a conversation with me,

I have so much to say about film and tv...or stalk my youtube channel Media Maven for my thoughts!

What is your type?

I’m confident & love who I am.

Any character that exudes this I gravitate too, though, I am not afraid to be vulnerable.


I have a bubbly demeanor which comes across as girl-next-door, vivacious, with a dash of sass, when you first meet me.

But, when you get to know me…


I feel the most comfortable releasing my fiery side in drama,

nailing the femme fatale with the girl that seems sweet and innocent until she turns deadly. 


I'm also very good at physical comedy and love incorporating this into any performance I can.

What inspires you creatively, spiritually, and emotionally?


I love creating my own work.

I'm not waiting for someone to "discover me," because I'm already here.

Getting a well thought out, provocative, subversive piece of material to sink my teeth into.

Long hikes in the country.

Being by myself.

Red lipstick.

Cracking a whip.

Punching a bag.

Crying when I feel sad.

Screaming when I feel angry.

Writing, writing, writing.

Looking at Chris Pine.

He's a dream.

Is it true you fight with swords and whips?


Yes. Yes it is.

I am certified in all 8 weapons with the SAFD and continue to push myself in learning different styles and techniques.

What’s your personal style?


70’s bohemian.


What do you find amusing?


I LOVE it when people underestimate me.


Also, puppies.

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