Butterflies, the Short Film Trailer (Written, Starring, Produced by Carlotta Summers)

Eigengrau (Written, Directed & Starring Carlotta Summers)


For the Casting Director on the go, here are some micro clips at your fingertips. Enjoy!



Prozac Nation


S1 Ep3: "I Could Impale You With This Nail File"

An Octoroon


A monologue pieced together and performed from a play by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins, by biracial actress Carlotta Summers


Final Cut

Dir. Joe Reizer

Media Maven Series

An ongoing Youtube Anthology series, created and narrated by Carlotta Summers.

Conversations In Color

Season 1 Episode 1

Conversations In Color is apart of an ongoing Anthology Series that explores the role of film on collective consciousness, with creator and narrator Carlotta Summers! This episode explores the use of color in cinema by reviewing one of Alfred Hitchcock's greatest films: Vertigo.

The Fire Of Jane Eyre

Season 1 Episode 2


The Fire of Jane Eyre examines the use of fire in the novel and subsequent film adaptations of the romantic period piece Jane Eyre. It also examines the role of female voices (and lack there-of) in creating the film.

It's A Wonderful Life

Season 1 Episode 3

With the year drawing to a close, lets take a look at this classic film, how it relates to today's struggles, and what it says about communal values & personal sacrifice during a global pandemic.



NFMLA Stage 5 Interview presented by Moviemaker Magazine

SIFF Red Carpet - Butterflies Interview with Behind The Rabbit Productions

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THE STAR DEMOCRAT INTERVIEW for Butterflies, the Short Film!

'Butterflies' writer, star Carlotta Summers addresses bullying, empowerment.

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